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Program Delivery

Welcome to Synergy’s innovative blended learning program which is the convenient and cost effective way of being a professional in the business world. Synergy’s acclaimed personalized professional tutelage since 1999 is now extended beyond borders through this program.

Program Delivery Methodology

Synergy study material to provide you the concepts and theory outlines
Detailed guidance slides uploaded on the synergy blended learning portal to be followed based on the lecture plan provided by the tutor
Skype lectures for groups of a maximum of seven students per session to ensure personal attention and interaction
Separate assignment and exam guidance sessions on skype based on a schedule provided by the tutor
Face to face master classes where the group is larger than the minimum required at each location. (please refer to the Master class minimum in each location)

Master Class Required Minimum Student Numbers Per Location

Location Minimum Students Required Number of Master Classes
UK 15 1 (Monday to Friday 6pm to 8pm) Saturday and Sunday 12pm to 4pm)
Sri Lanka
(Eastern Province)
15 3 (TWO Full days per master class)
Sri Lanka
15 3 (Two Full days per master class)
Sri Lanka
(Other Locations)
20 3 (Two full days per master class)
Dubai 15 2 (Friday 10am to 8pm)
Qatar 15 2 (Friday 10am to 8pm)
Maldives 10 2 (Friday 10am to 8pm)
15 2 (Tuesday to Friday 6pm to 9pm )
15 2 (Friday 10am to 8pm)

Registration for Examination Assessed Modules

Please note that there are FOUR exam based modules included in the curriculum (2 in the Certificate Level, 1 each in Diploma and Postgraduate Levels). In order that invigilation services are booked it is important that CIM has a branch office or a British Council office in the respective location. CIM UK will arrange for the candidate to sit the exam by coordinating the dispatch of the exam paper and arranging invigilation services with British Council. The charges for these services will vary from one location to another. Synergy will coordinate this on your behalf)



a) How does CIM differ from a degree program?

There are two routes. One is the route of a degree which focuses on theory knowledge and the other is the professional qualification route which focuses on practical application of knowledge. CIM is a leading professional business qualification. The simplest way to explain this is if you take the case of a LLB (Law Degree). Securing a law degree does not enable...

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