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To Synergy’s Blended Learning Program

  • Built on the solid foundation of experience and excellence
  • Fashioned on innovation and inspiration to suit the modern age
  • Envisioned for the success of the future business leaders

We have designed this program for you to make best use of our personalized attention delivered through a combination of virtual media platforms. Your journey begins here ....

Synergy’s First Blended Learning Student

"I took a break from CIM since 2006. Having moved to Dubai the main reasons as to why I could not continue was because of the lack of effective tutors and the high costs involved in following the program in Dubai and through online learning providers. In early 2012, I was able to recommence my studies via Synergy’s blended learning program, and by the end of November had successfully completed two modules of the Diploma Level. I found the program flexible and highly focused. The guidance on the assignment and exam modules were effective and personalized to address specific issues I had to improve on. I wish Synergy’s blended learning program success and I am confident it will extend to the hundreds of international students who would benefit through this program."

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